A central platform to exchange best practices and ideas guiding the infrastructure and urban development industry in its transformation, and helping it to address its key challenges.


The nature of the construction industry is changing, mainly driven by technology, the massive urbanization, the need of a more sustainable economy and by an increasing complexity and size of projects.

New trends are currently shaping the construction industry—from innovative business models to new products and processes that are boosting productivity and enhancing efficiency. Innovative technologies that could change the way the industry has traditionally operated should be embraced more fully.

Mandated by the Governors during the Annual Meeting in 2014, the Future of Construction initiative serves as a platform for Forum partners to shape the agenda of the construction industry, and to find common solutions. The initiative supports Forum partners in designing fresh strategies to better serve their own needs and those of their clients. The first-year focus assessed the status quo and the challenges of the sector – issuing a call for action. Based on the finding that the existing innovations are not broadly adopted, this year of the project aims to identify key lessons for the implementation of innovation as well as to foster a radical transformation and a change of paradigms in the industry

To capture existing potential, this cross-industry initiative spans across sectors, including chemicals, energy, information technology as well as infrastructure and urban development. Construction’s future will also rely on collaboration with governments, academia, and civil society. The targeted audiences are political decision makers and companies along the value chain.

The website aims to be a central platform for the industry to exchange best practices and learn about new ideas to the sector’s challenges.

Please send us your contributions via E-Mail to futureofconstruction@weforum.org. A team of industry experts will carefully review each submission before its publication.