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New report > Shaping the Future of Construction: Inspiring innovators redefine the industry

3D-printed houses, automatically designed hospitals, prefabricated skyscrapers — once futuristic dreams are now a reality as described in the new report Shaping the Future of Construction: Inspiring innovators redefine the industry developed with the World Economic Forum. It showcases and analyses 10 Lighthouse innovation cases – prominent flagship projects as well as start-ups and pilot […]

Strategic Infrastructure Steps to Operate and Maintain Infrastructure Efficiently and Effectively

Infrastructure is essential for sustained economic growth, competitiveness and social progress. While building new infrastructure assets ranks high on the global agenda, governments in both developed and developing countries often neglect their existing infrastructure assets – witness the increasing congestion, unnecessary operational costs and inadequate maintenance. Against the backdrop of increasing user demand, constrained financing […]

Strategic Infrastructure Steps to Prepare and Accelerate Public-Private Partnerships

Infrastructure is a key driver of sustained economic growth and social well-being, but infrastructure development by the public sector has often turned out to be slow and/or inefficient in many countries. While the investment requirements for infrastructure are huge, the fiscal situation of many countries is increasingly constrained. In such an environment, Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) […]

Strategic Infrastructure Steps to Prioritize and Deliver Infrastructure Effectively and Efficiently

Objectives Infrastructure investment, whether it is maintaining existing networks or building new assets, is critical to economic progress. Most countries are not investing enough, which is hampering their growth prospects and deferring an ever increasing burden to the years ahead. How should projects be prioritized? Is there a role for the private sector alongside government? […]