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Construction Lifecycle Information Visualisation Engine (C.L.I.V.E.)

„The Construction Lifecycle Information Visualisation Engine (C.L.I.V.E.) is a concept virtual reality system which centralises all the source information and allows the user to step into the project site and visualise it at any point in the build phase, as if they were there in person. Crucially this means that designs and construction methods can be thoroughly checked to avoid any clashes and the whole project team can access all the information available.

The associated information exchange process is what feeds C.L.I.V.E. and enables it to be effective. A non-dyadic contract is agreed between all the parties involved in the project, not just the client and main contractor. One of the basis on which the contract is formed is the complete sharing of design and construction information into the C.L.I.V.E. system. All the parties are required to produce information in the correct format and are given access to the rest of the information body. This is a major culture change from traditional, often adversarial, contracts and should develop towards long term partnerships based on mutual trust.“

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