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Innovation in Engineering & Construction: A sleeping sector awakens in Davos

Disruptive innovation in the Engineering & Construction industry? Sounds like an oxymoron to those who are associating the sector with the dull & dirty. But the industry is currently heading towards a digital transformation, and innovation is prominently on the agenda. Industry leaders last week in Davos exchanged ideas on new construction technologies and business models and their potential for solving some of society’s most pressing challenges.

  „It’s the right time for investment in infrastructure. Everyone complains about the lack of capital, but leveraging innovation we can close the gap now“

Ten of the most prominent innovation cases in the construction sector are now analyzed in detail by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with BCG:

The cases include Flagship projects such as

    • Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building
    • The Edge, the world’s most sustainable office building
    • The New Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, the largest ever hospital PPP project

The cases also include disruptive startups and pilot projects such as

    • Chinese construction company Broad Sustainable Building, which made international headlines by constructing a 57-storey skyscraper in only 19 days
    • MX3D, which uses robots to 3D-print a steel bridge in Amsterdam
    • Aditazz, based in Silicon Valley, which uses design-automation principles from the semi-conductor industry to revolutionize the design of health-care facilities;
    • Winsun, which has pioneered at-scale 3D-printing of houses
    • Uptake, a predictive analytics startup which was Forbes’ hottest startup in 2015.

In Davos, several dozen CEOs and ministers reviewed the potential of these innovations in a private session. A preliminary (soft-launch) report Shaping the Future of Construction – Lessons from leading innovators and disruptors describes seven of ten lighthouse innovation cases in detail and summarizes the key success factors for implementing innovation in the construction ecosystem.

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This article was originally published on LinkedIn.