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How automation and technology will change the buildings we live in

Our built environment and its entire value chain are in the wake of a severe transformation. Artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things, robotics and other technologies are not only responsible for the emergence of smart cities, automated processes and new business opportunities, but a change to the rules underpinning the real estate industry. The impact […]

Artificial Intelligence Meets Construction

Technology shapes so much around us. Cars no longer need gasoline. Home appliances respond to voice commands. Ten thousand songs reside on a wristwatch. All of this (and much more) can be traced back to the next technological paradigm shift that is artificial intelligence. Software has evolved from rigid, binary engines to learning systems that […]

Why the West has to join the Belt and Road Initiative

In today’s increasingly complex, fast-paced and interconnected world, breakthrough technologies, demographic shifts and political transformations are having far-reaching societal and economic consequences. Our societies are facing systemic global challenges that can no longer be addressed through the conventional linear approach of hierarchical corporate and governmental structures. The theme of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting […]

Video: Thoughts on the Future of Construction by Jim Forester (VP Business Development Newforma)

Watch the video | Newforma’s VP Business Development and Co-Founder, Jim Forester, explains his thoughts on the future of construction. He thinks that the separation of design and engineering will disappear to a certain extent. The role of humans on construction sites he sees rather in coordinating tasks. Therefore he thinks new skillsets are required. […]

Infographic | The 10 most promising technologies in Engineering & Construction

The digitalization is gaining ground in the construction industry. That’s severely needed as the productivity stagnated over the last decades with all negative impacts for society, economy and environment. The most promising technologies to improve the productivity in the construction industry are depicted in this infographic of the World Economic Forum’s Future of Construction Initiative. […]

The Age of Sustainalism: the new socio-economic growth model for an inclusive 21st century

It is becoming ever more clear that the major global trends which are having the greatest impact on the world around us are not only increasingly intertwined, but are also becoming ever broader in their impact, affecting a greater number of regions and citizens. Global hunger is on the increase, for the first time in […]

Why migrant workers are the key to Asia’s green cities of the future

Building Asia’s green cities of the future is about more than energy efficiency – it can drive a virtuous cycle of economic growth and restructuring, as low-skilled jobs on large construction sites provide income opportunities for millions of migrants. On-the-job training can equip these labourers to build efficiently — and to build buildings and urban […]