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4 megatrends transforming the construction industry

After being rocked by the recession, while harnessing social media and smartphones, everyday Americans are giving up the static suburbs to refocus on progressive yet practical city living. At the same time, cities continue to be the traditional nucleus of emerging economies such as Africa and India. Following both green policies and greener profits, commercial […]

Blockchains will change construction

Blockchain Technology could play a key role in the emerging digital built environment. The construction industry is ripe for disruption, greater transparency in supply chains is much needed, paperwork is still predominant, and as building components increasingly become ‘intelligent’ there is a need for a secure digital ledger for sensors, owners and operators. I believe blockchains, if […]

China Has Officially Started Construction on the World’s First “Forest City”

The world’s first „Forest City,“ designed to fight pollution and climate change, is under construction in China. Covered in greenery and trees, it will absorb nearly 10,000 tons of CO2 and 57 tons of pollutants yearly, and produce 900 tons of oxygen. FUTURISTIC GREEN CITY The world’s first “Forest City,” created to fight pollution, is […]

3 ways the world’s fastest growing economies can close the infrastructure gap

How much does it cost to power the world’s fastest growing economies? The Asian Development Bank (ADB) estimates that the Asia Pacific region requires $1.7 trillion of infrastructure investment every year until 2030 just to maintain its current rate of growth. Spending $26 trillion over the next 13 years may seem an incredible burden, but it is […]